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Ghouls is a really creepy computer animation of bloody Ghoul characters who move about inside rooms and in foggy scenes. 1-50 Ghouls appear in various scenes with a variety of actions including pounding on the window to get out of your house breaking actual glass windows which appears to be inchesYour House Window inches! Extreme fog and movie-styl provide a horror-movie look with creatures that just might give nightmares! Several brighter-lit versions are included for small projectors as well as a couple of vertically framed options for tall windows or glass-front doors. 30 Video FX scenes for Halloween! No license required for Commercial Attractions. This DVD includes a digital upgrade with purchase, allowing customers to download these files for playback in solid state projectors, such as the ProFx. Hang a white screen in a window and using a projector you can project video onto your screen for a very realistic illusion. You can also show these on your television!