Looming Clown Animated Archway Prop

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Standing at a towering 10 feet tall, the Looming Clown Animated Walkthrough Prop will make a frightful nightmarish Halloween Door Decoration for your next haunted gathering! The brightly-colored Looming Clown Decoration has a giant scary head with sinister yellow light-up eyes and a toothy moving jaw that speaks 5 different phrases!

His long spindly arms end in oversized hands reaching out to grab you while his torso rocks side to side in a menacing way! Set him up in front of your doorway for a Scary Halloween Archway Entrance and your guests will walk through the circus-striped curtain under his widely squatted bony legs to get inside! His leg height can be adjusted to fit within most standard ceilings. Easy assembly and convenient activation options make this a great Animated Halloween Door decoration!

Multiple activation options: Steady-on, Infra-red, or Step-Here Pad (included)
Power source: UL power adapter