Ultimate Engl 3 Card Monte

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This routine makes the absolute most of the classic three-card monte theme!! After displaying two similar cards and a different ‘winning’ card in his hand the performer turns them face down. The spectator fails to choose the ‘winning’ card. This is repeated, then apparently explained, but in the end, the ‘winning’ card vanishes completely leaving only three similar cards!! Okay you say, this sounds like various other versions of the three-card monte. You are absolutely correct! Parts of the routine do build on these predecessors. However, any performer who has done this sort of effect knows that unless you want the spectators grabbing for the cards, your sleeves, and who knows what else, you’d better bring back the absent ‘winning’ card. The spectators will not rest until they know just what happened to it!! The special wallet provided with this routine makes it easy to reproduce that missing card! Complete with the professional routine that tells you exactly how to perform an entertaining three-card monte effect and bring back the vanished ‘winning’ card at the finish!!

Complete with Cards, special Wallet and detailed instructions. A Magic Methods Product